A Sailing Holiday To Remember
Cruising The Turquoise Coast Of Turkey
and The Aegean Islands Of Greece

Gordon, I would like to say that I have had one of the best times of my life in these past nine days.
You showed us exactly what I had hoped to see-discover - that is, the Greece of old. Tavernas, ouzerias, and warm people.
It has been a great pleasure to find someone who loves Greece as much as we. For this, Gordon, I will always be in debt to you. Wally Zagoridis, Botany Bay, New South Wales, June 2012

THANK YOU GOR-DAN (Turkish accent). We are sad to leave this beautiful corner of Paradise, but take with us so many good thoughts and memories. We loved hearing all your stories and historical facts, and leave here a bit smarter and wiser than when we arrived. Our favorite moments were sitting with you and your Turkish friends of many years, sharing stories and rakis. And the gin-and-tonics were served at perfect moments. Thank you for the sights, sails, stories, and laughter. Cheers and Sheriff-A. Gidon and Andrea Shikler, Los Angeles, California, October 2016

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Sailing Turkey With #1 Genoa Aegean Sun, Alexander's Path, Barbarossa Brothers, Bazaars and Caravansaries, Blue Cruise, Byzantium, Caria, Charter Yachts, Cleopatra's Honeymoon Route, Cruising, Crusader Castles, Cyclades Islands Drenched in Greek Blues and Whites, Lycia, Patmos, Sailing Greece, Sailing Turkey, Samos, Suleiman the Magnificent, Taurus Mountains, White Sand Beaches, Xanthos - all epitomizing an unforgettable sailing holiday. Experience it aboard a prestigious yacht combining speed under sail with aesthetic grace. Above and below her 44' deck the T.G. Ellyson is spacious and uncluttered. There are two private cabins, each accommodating two guests. A teak-paneled salon incorporates a fully-equipped galley and navigation station. Two water closets include fresh-water showers. Throughout there is ample cupboard and closet space notwithstanding stowage for additional sails. Three sails are colorful spinnakers for off-wind sailing. Three others are large genoas for speed on the wind. Three smaller sails brought the TGE across the Atlantic at an average speed of 7 knots.

The TGE's crew is experienced at sea and knowledgeable of local geography and culture. Gordon Abercrombie has cruised the Greek islands and the coast of Turkey since 1980. Jennifer Abercrombie, Brigitte Pelletier, and others of the crew have lived and worked in Turkey and have traveled through much of Greece, as well.

The T.G. Ellyson normally cruises the western and southern coasts of Turkey between the Dardanelles and Antalya. The TGE also frequently cruises among Greek islands off Turkey's coasts, the Sporades and Dodecanese. In addition, the TGE cruises among Greece's mid-Aegean Cyclades Islands including Paros and Santorini. Excursions even further afield are possible.Sailing Greece The TGE welcomes guests on a first-come, first-served, basis. Those booking early are able to customize their itineraries using any or all or none of the itinerary outlines a part of this web site. While often not a problem, those guests booking later must necessarily book around the beginning and ending ports as well as the beginning and ending dates of guests booking earlier.

A typical day aboard the T.G. Ellyson begins with a view of pine-clad slopes and crystal-clear sea. Breakfast may be taken on deck or from a stone kiln ashore. During breakfast the guests plan their day. Hiking and exploring may come next, or sailing on and off the wind. Swim stops may be frequent, depending on inclination and destination. The destination may be an idyllic cove affording opportunity to snorkel or to go kayaking, or simply to relax and read in the warmth of the sun. And in the evening guests may wish to enjoy a local taverna or the campfire cuisine of an enterprising restaurateur skilled in the art of preparing fine regional food. Nearby there may be ancient Lycian, Greek, Roman or Byzantine ruins not often seen by tourists, or the ruins of a pirate village climbing slopes from which watchful eyes once peered out to sea. Alternatively the destination might be a charming town home to wily rug merchants, to silver shops, or to an agora or bazaar offering a myriad of shopping opportunities. And likely, in such a town, the dining will be memorable.

Here, there, or elsewhere, TGE guests will be meeting and conversing with people of many nationalities and varied backgrounds, listening, learning, and experiencing the holiday of their lives. Try it. Try it with us. Charter our yacht to sail Greece and to sail Turkey. The honeymoon or holiday of a lifetime!

The TGE is featured in a Dutch television commercial filmed in July 2015 which may be viewed by clicking Should you wish more information please contact Gordon or Jennifer Abercrombie by e-mail at

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